Shoes By Yolanda

Argentine Tango fashions and authentic shoes for women and men Comme Il Faut , Neo Tango , VB, Yolanda Rossi, DNI and Fabio’s, including full collections of men and Practica shoes.

Paloma and Maxi

Paloma Berrios Rodriquez and Maximiliano Alvarado Olaquibel Teachers and dancers of Argentine Tango with 20th years of experience and knowledge in Stage and Salón tango style. Our philosophy is to inspire our students to enjoy the embrace and love for … Read More

DJ – Ashvin Iyer

Ashvin has been DJing for 12 years and his tandas stand out for being unpredictable and deeply evocative. Ashvin has played all over Buenos Aires in multiple DJ tours (5 tours and 42 events as of November 2023). These milongas … Read More

Oscar Casas

Oscar is a highly respected milonguero of the old guard Argentine style. He is extremely popular with his students and teaches with energy and humor–emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation, music interpretation and respecting the character of the different orchestras. Everything … Read More

DJ – Olga Bogatova

When Olga took her first tango class she immediately discovered that this dance was a meaningful language with endless possibilities to create and interact. She became addicted to the dance and started collecting traditional and alternative tango music right away. … Read More

Carrie Field

Carrie Field fell in love with tango in 2004. After much study and many trips to Buenos Aires she noticed a missing educational experience for tango dancers and created Tango Inform in order to fill this void. Tango Inform is … Read More